Saturday, July 16, 2016

A Maple Hutch In (Almost) Black

I'm itching for Autumn, or maybe that's just my miserable sunburn that's itching. Either way I'm wicked itchy, and super done with this heat and humidity. I had always before been a big fan of hazy hot and humid days, but that was before my job required me to work outside lifting heavy things and doing messy work all day. I'd take a snow day over a heatwave anytime.
        But enough whining! How about this gooooooooorgeous vintage solid rock maple two piece stepback cupboard!! Do you love it? I love it! It's Heywood Wakefield, which is very oh-lalala in the furniture world, and has the quality and design to back up the hype. I bought it at the town wide tagsale about a month ago and finally got around to finishing it. I've been absolutely swamped with custom work WHICH IS AWESOME, but it does make it hard to sneak in 'spec' pieces to keep things fresh.
          The hutch was in basically perfect condition, just dated and lame. I wanted to give it a modern farmhouse update so I refinished the solid maple top and lower shelf to show off the grain. The lower shelf is especially neat-o as it has both birdseye maple and tiger maple figuring on it! I painted the case in a custom mixed color named 'Before Dawn'. It's almost black, but not quite, but almost, so so close. I distressed and waxed the case, painted the backboard in an antique cream for a nice contrast, and swapped the boring hardware out for fun salvaged 19th century pulls.

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