Sunday, July 24, 2016

A Vintage Blanket Chest and Radio

This was a fun little project I just finished up for a client. Both the radio and the blanket chest date to right around WWII. The chest was actually originally covered in rice paper and trimmed with bamboo, with a serious South Pacific vibe. It had been used hard for the last sixty years though, and had lost its feet, was worn, chipped, cracked, and water stained. I refinished the pine top in a medium tone, and painted the case in cream. I added new ball feet to raise the height up and give it a more finished appearance. I sanded the radio case, replaced the screen in the center portion, re-applied a loose piece of molding, repaired a crack in the screen frame and swapped out the "dials". The radio lost its entire workings long long ago, but the client is going to put her iPod docking station inside it so it will "play" music once again.

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