Thursday, December 10, 2015

An Antique Mahogany Server in Blue

I bought this server with a matching mahogany sideboard at the flea market on Sunday morning. Since we seem to have skipped winter and gone right on to spring, the flea markets are extending well into December (hurray!!). I loved both of these pieces as soon as I saw them. I'm having a real Federal moment these days, and the lean lines, and straight tapered legs are oh so pretty. The pieces had been poorly refinished about thirty years ago with a gloopy ugly varnish. I sanded the server down from head to dainty toe and painted the case in a custom mixed blue called Winter Sky. With the teensiest detail brush I highlighted all the inset detail work, to honor the original appearance of the piece, and hand painted bellflowers down the front leg posts and backsplash. The interior and detail work is in Benjamin Moore's Silver Marlin. I refinished the top dark with a glossy smooth sheen, and then distressed and dark waxed the case. 

The watercolor staged above it is one I did last winter. 

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