Saturday, December 26, 2015

An Antique Dresser Rescue Mission

So one of the things I did in the last week of radio silence was clean my workshop. For any of you who've visited in the last month or so, you know how bad it was- shockingly bad, horrible horrible, I'm certain there were garden trolls living in the back corner.

       Along with the trolls, and to the left of a mountain of empty stain cans was this poor antique pine dresser, which I'd banished back there months ago, oubliette style. I'd gotten it from Carl the Furniture Guy sometime during the summer when it had been on its very last leg. The only thing that saved it from the clutches of my fire pit was the fact that I couldn't even wade that far back into the workshop to reach it. It had a horribly warped top that I'd removed as soon as I got it, and a disintegrating backboard. The lack of a sturdy backboard meant it was wobbly and twisted.

          The thing is, the drawers on it worked beautifully, and were all intact, and I really like the shape and size of it. So when I finally uncovered it this week, I tried the drawers, which still slid like butter, and then took a deep breath, and dove into saving it. I replaced the backboard, which immediately fixed all stability issues (such instant gratification, that). I then added a pine board top. Finally I sanded the case down since it had been spray painted gold (?!). I painted the case in a custom mixed sage green with a touch more hutzpah than your average earth tone. There weren't many of the original bail brass pulls left, so I filled one post hole and went with turned and stained wood knobs to match the sleek new top. And bing band boom, now it's absolutely perfect.

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