Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Vintage Hutch Gets a Fresh Start

This was a challenging piece that I ignored for a very long time. I was downright scared of it because I knew how much work it would be. Funnily, once I actually got started on it, it was a very straightforward project, and took me no longer than all my other hutch refinishes. The piece is a marriage- a vintage Bassett dresser base and an antique, possibly 19th century solid pine top. The hutch belongs to one of my favorite clients, and has sentimental family value. He had refinished it once himself, but wanted a new, simpler look for it. The drawers were made of particle board, and damaged, as was the backboard. We opted to replace the backboard with stained beadboard, and the drawers with pine shelves. I sanded the piece down as it had many many coats of paint already, and repainted it in a custom mixed Robin's Egg blue. Finally, I added cut glass pulls to the little cabinet doors on the top for just a hint of sparkle.

Here's the piece as it was first refinished by the client.

And the before and after with the sanded and prepped piece.

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