Thursday, September 10, 2015

September 2015 Brimfield Report

It was hot yesterday. Fire weather was all I could think as we stumbled, dazed and dehydrated from booth to booth at the Brimfield Antiques Show and Fleamarket. It was an odd combination of scorching sun and driving wind that left faces chapped and eyes watering. It was a gross day, which is a shame because usually the September Brimfield has wonderful cool crisp weather, but there again, it's been a weird weather year, and at least it didn't pour.

            I went to the market with my two best friends, Becca and Jess, and we lasted about four hours before heat exhaustion drove us to an early quitting time. We scored some cool stuff, and spotted even more drool worthy objects. Here's what I got and what caught my eye. Also mixed in are a few of the things I got two weeks ago at the Mansfield flea market and forgot to photograph.

                                            ***********What I Bought***********

Adorable vintage copper tea kettle

Two paintings by my favorite local artist, Susan Williams. She's so SO brilliant.

Sweet little victorian mirror.

Early 20th century ship portrait of the Bark Isabella of Boston

A few pieces of glassware, antique and vintage.

A faaaaaaaaabulous vintage autumn oil landscape

And of course I needed this antique sign! 

                                *************What I Saw (But Didn't Buy)************

Spectacular brass railroad lantern

Groovy traveling bar kit, for the drinker on the move.

A nice little group of objects.

Cute set of mid 20th century spices

Beautiful arched top mirror

One of the first things I spotted. I aaaaaaalmost bought this. 

A nice brass lantern

Jess's favorite thing she saw.

Beautiful cloche and piece of pottery- both exceedingly overpriced.

Vintage dining chairs in a fabulous shade of burgundy 

Great chippy white on this corner cabinet

Pretty old bowling pins in a nice surface

So many old lanterns

Very cool old hanging cupboard

A nice piece of 19th century calligraphy

Just the sort of furniture I like to refinish!

adored this vibrant floral still life

A lovely vintage autumn landscape

An army of vintage leather club chairs

The perfect tufted leather chesterfield sofa in my favorite color

This thoughtful and distinguished Scottish gent

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