Sunday, September 27, 2015

A Vintage Tall Dresser in Limelight Hydrangea

I adore this piece, not least because it's in one my favorite colors, a pale green that's just a smidge brighter than sage. It's one of those gorgeous colors you find popping up in Autumn when the leaves start to change. It's also the color my limelight hydrangea turns as it dries on the stem. I picked the piece up at the Glastonbury Goodwill, always a fabulous source for nice vintage furniture, and set to work on it right away. I sanded the top and was delighted to find that it has contrasting wood, fruitwood and mahogany for a dramatic two tone effect that was fully hidden under the old faded surface. I kept the original drawer pulls because they're pretty and the brass had oxidized to a lovely shade of verdigris.

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