Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Mid Century Modern Dresser in Atlantis Blue

I don't usually care for mid century design. I find it lacking in depth and soul, but not with this set that I picked up on Friday. Maybe it's the warmth of the spectacular walnut featured throughout, or maybe it's the gently curving french feet, or the arched center doors. The designer of this furniture found the perfect balance between the clean lines of MCM and the sexiness of French Provincial. It's wonderful.
         I wanted to maintain as much as the wood grain as possible so not only did I sand stain and seal the top, I also refinished the drawer fronts. I painted the remainder of the case in a custom mixed blue. I asked my friends what I should name the color and 'Atlantis' was my favorite. I kept the original drawer pulls, and added two more to the doors.

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