Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sweet Antique Farm Tables

There are few things as charming and versatile as a little farm table. I believe I have four in my house at this very moment. One is our little eat-in kitchen table, another is in the pantry, one in my husband's office, and one is in the guest room. These little tables make perfect desks, kitchen islands, bars, consoles, and (of course) kitchen tables. They're usually small and easy to transport, so you can set up a drinks station at a party, or bring one outside for a meal under the stars. I just recently refinished a particularly nice one. Here are some other great examples too!
Here's the cute little one that I just finished. It's in the shop now.

A fabulous old surface gives this antique table warmth and character

Proof that antique tables make the perfect food station at a party here. 

This little table looks just like the one I just re-did. It's cute as a button with food platters and vintage cake stands.

I love the idea of an antique table in the bathroom. Perfect for extra counter space when you have a pedestal sink.

This is so incredibly lovely. The staging is flawless.

An adorable antique trestle table adds loads of charm to a little eating area.

I love the off-center drawer in this one. Even better, I think it's a later modification. You can still see where the original drawer had been. I love all that character! The dull sheen of the collection of vintage tin objects is wonderful with the pale pink of the table.

These little farm tables make the perfect low hassle, space saving kitchen islands. I'd bet this one once had leaves which have been removed at some point. The old green paint matches the kitchen cabinets perfectly.

Minimalist doesn't have to be cold. Here a simple table and a few key accessories create an uncluttered but handsome vignette.

A little salmon pink table here creates a great space to display the home owner's collection of  interesting objects.

The pale blue paint on the base and faded gray patina of the top make this table look soft and delicate, despite it's rugged farm house construction. What a perfect place to put a lap top for an impromptu desk!

With a second lower shelf, this beautiful table provides even more storage and fits perfectly under a window.

another table that was once a drop leaf- can you see the two spots where the slides were just under the top lip? It's been re-imagined as an absolutely stunning vanity. The mirror above it is also drool-worthy

And another fabulous little farm table adds a touch of whimsy and warmth to a neat and tidy kitchen. 


  1. Anonymous10/20/2013

    What a darling farm house table. Love the color.
    Oh how I wish I lived closer to you. I would be at your shop weekly drooling over all your fabulous remakes and be totally broke from buying every thing. (Maybe it's a good thing I live in Kansas City :)
    Much success in your new endeavor !!!!!!

    1. Thanks so much Vanessa! If you ever seen anything you absolutely have to have, just shoot me an email and we can figure out shipping! :)