Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New Acquisitions

I feel like September just flew by! I love October. The weather is so pleasant, it's the start of the holiday season, with everyone decorating for Halloween, and there's lots of pumpkin and apple flavored things (yummy!). The flea market on Sunday was the biggest I've ever seen. I finally had to stop buying because there was no more room in my truck! I got a great set of six solid oak windsor chairs- two that are larger and will go at the ends of the table, and four that are smaller. I also got a lovely vintage farm table, and the coolest giant vintage wrought iron candelabra. On Friday I picked up an antique set of Federal shield back chairs. Finally, I got a nice antique Federal pine one drawer grain painted wash stand c.1815-1840, that I bought for my mom's collection.

I'm planning to pair these with the farm table below. I really like how the modern lines of the two armchairs contrast with the more traditional style of the other four chairs. 

Just the perfect quintessential farm table. I can't wait to fix it up and give it a new look!

This is at least two feet tall. I'm planning to put it as the centerpiece to my dining room table for the Holiday season. 

Some of these chairs are missing their stretchers and can't be saved so I'll be breaking up the set and saving the three that are in the best condition. I'll be turning them into beautiful painted and upholstered side chairs.

And this antique one drawer wash stand was such a big find!

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  1. Which flea market do you go to? I can't seem to find any good ones and Iove going to a fun flea market once in a while!