Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Flea Market Finds

This is that depressing time of year when the weekly flea market gets smaller, and smaller, and finally disappears at the end of November, and then I have to wait, not very patiently, until the end of March for it's glorious return. Luckily, there are still quite a few vendors, and despite the chilly weather, I made some good scores on Sunday morning. I picked up a beautiful aqua wide mouth storage jar that I just love. It has a crack, and so was only $3. I'll put the crack towards the wall and no one will ever know. I also got an adorable vintage egg basket, complete with amusing fake eggs. I snagged a very neglected antique Classical style side table. I worked on it all day yesterday, and you're not going to believe the transformation. Finally, I picked up a fantastic vintage solid pine coffee table set. I also worked on them all day yesterday and they're aaaalmost done.

I was inspired by the pretty storage jar, so I pulled a bunch of my aqua glass together
to do a little vignette by the window.

fun fact- that antique wooden shelf on the radiator is actually the drop leaf from a c. 1840 table that couldn't be saved. It happens to fit perfectly on the radiators, so I have one in my dining room and the other in my kitchen. 

This poor table's been through the ringer, but I loved the lines so much and I have the ideal place for it in my house. Wait till you see what I've done with it!

These were just begging to be refinished, and really, those inset faux leather panels were just unacceptable.

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