Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Painted Floors

 I've decided to paint our upstairs floors. As you may know, we added a second floor to our 1923 bungalow. When we bought the house four years ago it had a full, floored, walk up attic just begging to be claimed as living space. We put in a master bedroom with cathedral ceilings, a guest room, a long hallway, a full bath, and a walk-in closet. The space is finished with the exception of the floors. We did the ceilings in natural pine tongue and groove, with the intention of painting it, but fell in love with the warmth of the wood as it is. I've decided that finishing the pine floors would be too much wood for the space- a little too cabin-y. And I've always loved painted floors. SO the question is what color to paint the floors? I'm leaning toward Benjamin Moore's Lancaster Whitewash at the moment. Included below are a few shots of our floors as they currently look and some painted floors I love. I'm hoping to start the job on Saturday.
Happy Wednesday!
The grays and blues look so soft and inviting in this cottage entry way

This looks very similar to our hallway upstairs. We even have the exposed brick chimney in the same spot.

I love how painted floors reflect light around a room. This cozy sitting room is the perfect example.

Having a very neutral palette with pale painted floors and walls really allows for much bolder art work and accessories.

I love the warmth this space has, with the antique furnishings and touches of gold here and there.

First, marble fireplaces are the best thing ever. Second, the floors are beautiful here.

Though there's a lot going on in this space, with a large armoire, striped settee, large windows and folding screens, it all feel unified with the limited colors of cream and white.

A stunning bedroom with light painted floors and an eclectic mix of furnishings here.

So here's a corner of my bedroom. You can see the floors are the original fir, they're in good condition, though they've seen more than a fair share of paint splatter and the like.

And another portion of the master bedroom- here you can see the walls painted in Paradise beach, the color of the pine ceilings, and the current state of the floors. 


  1. Personally, I love the look of the dark wood floors with the rest of your room. If anything, I'd sand and then re-stain dark, then poly them. That however, is MY taste. YOU like ( and to be honest, I like the look of a painted floor as well...just not in this instance *grin* ) the paint...and all the rooms you've posted as inspirations have the white do what you love! Can't wait to see the "after" pictures!!! ( PS...just found your site...I've been roaming for over an hour...LOVE IT!!! )

    1. Thanks Maryanne! I know what you mean about the floors. I waited 7 months to be sure I really wanted to paint them. In the end we decided it was too dark upstairs to have dark wood floors. If you want to see the after pics, I just posted them!

  2. I guess I'm going to have to live vicariously through you. I've never been able to let myself paint old floors. Maybe one day I will be brave. I do so love the look!