Friday, March 9, 2012

Nightstand hunt

The tag sale and flea market season is just a couple weeks away now, and in preparation, I've started to think about what new items I will need for our upstairs, once complete. Though I'm considering keeping the current pair of nightstands I have in our bedroom, and painting them white, the guest bedroom will need one, or possibly two new (vintage) stands. I love the idea of a small antique work table as a stand, and if I find I only have room for one nightstand, I may go with that. I definitely want something with an old paint surface that compliments the mint greens/aquas that will be the scheme in the room.
Gorgeous old farm table looks fresh and interesting here

I love the paint surface, and of course the fact this it's a step ladder on this one

The crossed iron base is stunning and graceful- I would snatch this up in a heart beat. 

This one is the perfect color and so interesting and unexpected
A great amount of storage and a nice worn surface here

Love love love this one- a nice 19th century petite chest of drawers with a great surface. So fun!

Ok the faux aged paint surface is dreadful- but if it were white or mint green, it would be stunning.
Such great, elegant lines!

I love everything about this picture, from the nightstand to the ironstone pitcher of wild carnations. So pretty!

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