Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A vintage maple dresser

About a month ago I scored a fabulous rock maple dresser off craigslist. The price was right and it had great lines, but just needed a new twist. The best part was that it was in perfect like the day it was made condition. Since I didn't have to spend a whole lot of time fixing broken drawers and the like, I got to really concentrate on the finish. I painted the case my favorite white (cotton whisper) and sanded the top. The maple grain was breathtaking. I had originally wanted to put a dark stain on top to contrast with the white case, but after seeing the beautiful wood, I tried a new color that would allow it to really shine through (a mix of mini wax red chestnut and ipswich pine). I used the drawer pulls that came with the dresser since they have a great patina and add character. Befores and afters below!
Before- with all the drawers out. I always forget to take a 'before' picture until the last minute.

Look at that gorgeous wood top! I was really happy with how the color turned out.

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