Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Antique Dressers That Make My Job Easy

Sometimes this job is a waterlogged hell-march through poison ivy coated barbed wire... and that's why I drink!
     But then again sometimes my job is a gay frolic through a rose scented summer garden... and that's why I drink (to celebrate!). This c.1935 Berkey and Gay mahogany dresser set was the gay frolic sort, and so of course I'm celebrating with a glass of wine.
    Some things that made these a joy to work on:
1. The clients who commissioned me to paint them are absolute darlings.
2. Those darling clients made excellent design choices - Let's let the mahogany tops do what they do best, keep the original spectacular hardware, and such a perfect color (Benjamin Moore's Victorian Garden), finished with a light distress and dark wax. 10/10 plan across the board!
3. The dressers themselves were as easy to work with as the clients who've owned them for several generations. Without getting too sage-burning, granola munching weird, I do wonder sometimes if these pieces start to take on the vibes of the homes in which they live. Almost as a rule the most workable pieces belong to the pleasant clients, and the thrice damned headache pieces...well you get the picture.

Every now and then I'll do a piece of furniture and though it looks terrific in person the photos won't turn out, but par for the course with these lovelies, they photographed like a dream as well.

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