Thursday, June 29, 2017

A Dining Table in Cream

MAHOGANY. This table is so nice. So top shelf. A unique and well executed form, probably from about 1915, it's still absolutely sturdy, and even has the adorable original solid brass casters. I suspect this was a very expensive table when it was new. One of the reasons I think that? Well I thought the top was mahogany veneer, as are 99% of the mahogany tables from the period. And that's fine, I still loved the table. Then I started sanding it, nope, solid mahogany boards. I could die.
        This table is going in the stunnnnnnning dining room of my best friend Jess. I knew she was hunting for a round table, so when I spotted this gem at the flea market a few weeks ago for $40, I jumped on it immediately. Jess went with a deep rich stain, and an antique cream for the base. Nice and simple to really allow the architecture of the piece, and the remarkable top to do all the talking!

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