Thursday, June 15, 2017

An Antique Dresser from 1933

I treat this blog as much as my journal as a forward face of what will someday be a goliath in the design world (har har). So before you get to hear about this most excellent dresser, you have to slog through some angst. Or just scroll past. You guys, I need to stop treating my body like an infested flaming dumpster behind an abandoned blockbuster in a decrepit strip mall on the bad side of town in some god forsaken midwestern city. Detroit? Detroit. I ate cold, soggy left over pizza for ALL THREE meals today. I'm on my third glass of wine of the night, and I haven't had any measurable exercise, unless we count hauling furniture endlessly (and we shouldn't), in months and months. I am a disgusting lard monster who doesn't even deserve a detroit dumpster fire. Ugh. Five years ago I weighed 100lbs. Now I'm up twenty pounds from that. I wear leggings and big t-shirts because nothing fits and I've entirely given up on myself. Probably I should do better, but after working all day to make furniture pretty, it's so very hard to find the barest scrap of motivation to make myself pretty.

Ok, I hope you skipped that self indulgent dribble. Sorry. sorry.

Anyway, HOW ABOUT THIS GREAT AND BEAUTIFUL DRESSER!!!! I spotted it on Sunday while craigslist binging, which always happens when there's any hint that my workshop might be emptying out. After posting the 'before' picture of the dresser on facebook a client snapped it up for custom refinishing. We opted for a dark top, a fresh white paint, lightly distressed, and the original hardware. She literally couldn't have come up with a better design plan for this piece! The original veneers were chaotic and overwhelming in their competition with the already ornate form, way too fussy and over the top. I was so excited to give this gorgeous piece a new lease on life, I jumped into it right away! When I was finishing up today I noticed the mirrored glass is dated on the back, April 1933, Bassett. How spiffy is that?!

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  1. I'm curious on this one . . . sometimes you leave the wood on the drawer fronts unpainted and stain them. Why did you decide to paint these? They seemed really interesting - were they too damaged? Or clients preference? Just wondering about the design process on what to and what not to paint. Thanks!