Thursday, November 10, 2016

What is Sacred, What is Not

All day yesterday I struggled to find my voice for this blog. I took a break from my instagram and Heir and Space FB page, and of course from typing away at the blog proper, though I neglect my blog so often I doubt any of you noticed.

             Unless you live in a cave on an island with a smoke monster roommate, you are already aware that something big happened yesterday, something that caused a massive, core-shaking shift in my little country. Now I, being a woman of strong, and to be fair, sometimes irrational levels of passion, have some strong opinions on this matter. Very strong, shouting strong. And if you're that damn curious and don't feel wholly over saturated already, then fine, you can follow me on twitter, which is the only place I ever really take my gloves off and rage bloody knuckles against the world.

            But I want to make you a promise. Unless you go looking for my opinions there, you will not need to see them. I will not be offering up my cutting sarcasm on this particular matter here on my blog, or on the Heir and Space Facebook page, or on my instagram page, the areas that I consider "public" and not so much mine as ours, I'd like to think Heir and Space has becoming something bigger than just me, and my sass. Maybe that's self indulgent, but today I need to indulge a bit.

             At the deepest level, in our country that now stands so incredibly divided, we are all arguing about our rights. Rights to affordable healthcare, rights to freedom of speech, rights to bear arms, rights to equality, rights to assemble, rights to a clean environment, to education, to personal safety, to not being harassed or assaulted for one's race, or religious beliefs, or gender, or sexual orientation. Here at Heir and Space, I would like to do what I can to preserve your right to enjoy art, antiques, and design. All of us, whatever our opinion, whether we bleed blue or red, or some weird purple-y mixture, have a right to enjoy the beauty of the world around us. And yes, there are bigger issues out there, there are lives and liberties at stake that far eclipse painted furniture, but I have to start somewhere. I have to start by doing what I can.

         If you want to shout at me, and you want to hash it out, then come find me somewhere else, because I will maintain this Heir and Space page as sacred, as a safe place, where hopefully, no matter how far apart we are in geography, opinion, temperament, or morality, we can all enjoy the simple humble pleasure of pretty colors, elegant carving, and cheeky details.

        That being said, I will continue to be wholly intolerant of people who get shout-y at me for painting furniture. I'm not a saint, I only have so much self control. ;-)


  1. Well said! I've been so depressed the last three days, but visiting this site and seeing all the great things you do with old furniture makes me happy. Keep painting!

  2. Love your words almost as much as your furniture