Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A Pair of Cherry Nightstands

My cold is finally getting better, and I resemble some semblance of a person once more. I spent the front end of this week finishing up two wonderfully fun and satisfying projects; this pair of nightstands, and a maple hutch I'll share with you in the next blog post.

        I picked up these nightstands at the ReStore in Cromwell a couple weeks ago, they're beautifully constructed, solid cherry all the way through, which is surprising considering they're not that old. Both have the date Nov. 11 1993 stamped on the back. A dear client of my snapped them up for custom refinishing to match a pair of solid mahogany dressers I did for her last year. I refinished the tops, revealing the superb grain of the wood that had been hidden under the original opaque stain. For the cases we used Benjamin Moore's 'West Coast' blue, and embellished hers with stylized hand painted scrolling leaves. We swapped the traditional Chippendale brass pulls out for more modern pierced brush nickel pulls. I love how the pair turned out. I loved them before, and I love them now. Such handsome little suckers!

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