Thursday, November 10, 2016

An Antique Sideboard in Linen

I just love working with this client. Dirty secret: I have favorites, and she's one of my favorites. She has the prettiest home, so it's always satisfying to see the furniture in such an elegant setting, and she has sweet kids, and an awesome husband, and she's a darling. Plus she has great taste and I always love her vision for the pieces we collaborate on.

             She and I had been keeping our eyes peeled for the perfect sideboard for her dining room for more than a month now when Carl the Furniture Guy found this gorgeous but faded beauty for me a week ago. In the first pictures he sent me it was super underwhelming looking, but I'm so glad we gave it a chance, it's so pretty in person. My client selected a shade of linen for the exterior, and a pop of plum for the interior. We opted to highlight the incised carving with a bright white that I put on with a wee little detail brush. The breathtaking hardware is original to the piece, which probably dates to about 1915. I distressed the case and sealed it with dark wax. The flowers are all from Stop and Shop, and the equestrian print is a $10 flea market find that I'm planning to put in our basement once we finish renovating it to be the "cellar tavern".

           This is my first time using my new camera and I'm pretty happy with it. I can definitely tell the difference and I'm looking forward to experimenting with it to get better. Because honestly I can make the most wonderful furniture in the world, but if I can't take swell pictures of said furniture, it's not much good to you, dear reader.

         Happy Thursday. It's a gorgeous fall day here in Connecticut, cool and clear as a bell with blue BLUE skies. It's been a long week already, so Dr. Kate is prescribing you all a big glass of wine tonight! Take care of yourselves and each other!!

And then I wandered around taking pictures of stuff-
 Here's our guest house/music studio that we built two years ago.

 And the rhododendron at the corner of the house that always turns Christmas colors this time of year.

And Spud the cat who likes to make himself a little nest of leaves and nap in the afternoon sun on the South side of the main house.

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  1. Beautiful piece. I really enjoy your writing style and of course your work. And I like your cat, too.