Tuesday, October 6, 2015

An Antique Oak Bookcase

I was very cruel to myself this week. I painted a piece that I adore in two of my favorite colors. It's especially mean since I don't have a spot for it in my house, but good God the temptation is intense! 
      I drove out through the nasty weather last Thursday to pick up this stunning antique c.1900 solid oak bookcase from a beautiful house in Killingworth. The previous owner had removed the original glass panels and molding which held them in place and very thoughtfully stowed them in a nice box, perfectly protected though absolutely filthy. I gave the entire piece a bath and then painted the interior in a custom mixed cream called Caramel Froth, the exterior is another custom mixed color, a handsome sage called Drying Thyme. I distressed the paint to reveal the layer of blue I put down initially, and sealed with dark wax. I sanded stained and sealed the solid oak shelves so there would still be some wood in the piece and because they're so handsome. 

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