Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Fabulous Farm Table Set in Gray

To be honest, I think I'm getting quite good at building these farm tables. I built this one, and a matching bench, in three hours in high heels. Why the high heels? Well, why not.

I had a great set of antique table legs to use for this one, and I gave the bench bootjack legs to keep that old world flair. I painted it all in a cloudy sky gray, then distressed and finished with a clear wax. I completed the set with four antique oak dining chairs with moss green chair covers.

I'd show you a before and after, but the 'before' would just be a pile of wood...


  1. What are the dimensions? And what is the price?

  2. Hi Maggie- The table is 33" wide and 6ft long. The price is $675 for the entire set.

  3. Hi Kate, is the set still available? Would like to come see it.