Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Top Picks: Northeast Auction's Annual Marine, China Trade, and Sporting Sale

Are your leaves starting to change color yet? It's been so dry here as of late and I think that stress has spun the maples into an early Autumn. I love Autumn leaves though, so I can't complain. How about one last dose of summer before we all turn our thoughts to apple picking and back to school shopping!
Northeast Auction has their annual Marine sale coming up on August 16th. You can view the entire fantastic catalog here, but here are my personal favorites!

Lovely color on these antique serving pieces.

I just love a good cow painting. I can't help myself!

An absolutely fantastic antique trade sign

Delightfully folk marinscape

Hehehehehe. Yes, that's right, I have the maturity of a nine year old. 

These parade banners are so charming.

light and haunting and ethereal. I love this.

A delightful alternative to hanging an actual animal's head on your wall!

Did someone say verdigris?

Superb boot form trade sign

The most whimsical weathervane.

A wine bottle drying rack. I may need this.

I get chilly just looking at this beautiful winter landscape.

This would be so perfect on the mantel for Fall.

Another wonderful trade sign

Possibly my favorite object in the sale. This painting is amazing.

Now here's a weathervane form you don't see every day!

Bellamy eagles are always fantastic

Loving the warm Autumn tones on this antique nautical themed hooked rug

And finally an awesome antique folk art owl decoy. 

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