Tuesday, August 22, 2017

River Gorge and Federal

Quickie post- a sweet little combo of an unassuming one drawer stand and a maple tall chest. Both are 20th century, but the stand is the more accurate reproduction of Federal form. The tall chest is an amalgamation of about ninety different design periods, but with its new vintage Federal oval brass pulls and the lightly distressed River Gorge Gray (Benjamin Moore) paint, it's quite pleasing. Both are going together, with an as of yet not finished bed, into the guest room of some new clients of mine. They've got a great eye for color and design, opting for clean timeless aesthetics in both form and color.
     I realized as I was photo-editing that I failed to push the second drawer in all the way. By the time I caught this, I'd stored everything twelve deep in my workshop (thunderstorms tonight). I'm not re-shooting it, so we all have to put on our big girl pants and deal with it. If you want perfection, there's five million home decor blogs that offer nothing but. Here at Heir and Space we're all about stark reality (apparently?), and tequila (at the moment).

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