Wednesday, July 26, 2017

An Oak Dining Set in White

I am not a patient woman. I think, when you boil the kettle right down to the base, where it scorches and mineral stains the inside and it's a devil to scrub clean, right there- that's my real problem. You've patiently listened to me bemoan  my workload this summer, and who's fault was that? (Kate tentatively raises her hand). Mhmm. And it's not because I really love making my saintlike clients wait for their furniture, it's because I am just so freaking excited for each new project, and I want it now Now NOW!! Remember Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory? She's my spirit animal.

          Also currently on my "why is this taking so damn long?!" list, I'm on a diet. For years and years I tiptoed around 105lbs. Then three years ago I hit 30 and whiz-bang! I gained 20lbs. I've had quite enough with nothing fitting, so I'm trying to edge my way back, and by "edge", I mean charge headlong into fainting from hunger, which is obviously a sick Victorian fantasy of mine.

          Supposedly you shouldn't have less than 1200 calories a day, but pffffffff, I've read enough books about starvation situations (See: Miracle in the Andes, and The Indifferent Stars Above- both excellent reads, though Andes can get a bit self indulgent), to know that's silly. I've got this handy little calorie counter on my phone, I'm staying well below that 1200 mark, but good gravy I'm hungry. Also, the wine is on steroids when you're so hungry you'd chew a shoe. Yes I hear you shouting "But, Kate if you just drank less, you could EAT so much more each day". You can pry my wine glass from my cold dead, tipsy hands. Anyway, I've been dieting and exercising for three weeks, and I've only lost six pounds. Why is this taking SO damn long.
         While dieting I've also been working on this wonderful oak dining set. The client actually brought me a different table that originally went with the set, but it had a laminate top, such a shame considering the set is otherwise so very nicely built. Cochrane, the maker, is generally a scrupulous brand who rarely cut corners, but a laminate top is a big, glaring, un-refinishable corner to cut. Being that we couldn't have a wood table top, I began searching for a new (vintage) dining table that might as well suit the chair set. After several false alarms, I finally found this wonderful c.1970 oak dining table. It's killer. The legs of the base gentle reach away from center, as gracefully as a stretching ballerina, and the wrought iron brace that arches up from the legs is a lyrical counterpoint to the otherwise stout frame. I refinished the seats of the two captain's chairs to match the table top, and painted the remainder in Benjamin Moore's Linen White, my very favorite and perennial 'go-to'. The pair of vintage vases are from my dear friends, Ben and Emily, who are antiques dealers in Ohio, and always find the coolest stuff!


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  1. Ha! Wait until you are 55! I can't seem to lose a pound... Don't give up the wine whatever you do! It's a stress reliever! I love reading everything you write just as much as I love the furniture you've finished!