Thursday, July 13, 2017

A Vintage Pine Desk in Coral

This weather. It was so gorgeous last week, and we're paying for it in spades now. I feel like I've been wearing the weather like a damp wool body suit for days. It's thick, and heavy, and inescapable out there on the driveway where I work. With the humidity comes the mosquitos, and between swatting those bastards, trudging between multiple pieces of furniture that have been giving me no shortage of headaches, and having to pack it all up over and over due to imminent thunderstorms, I've been about as effective as, well, a damp wool body suit.  It's about to storm yet again, so I've given up the ghost for the day, and am sitting on the front porch, basking in the first genuine breeze we've had in a week, since I'm soaked with sweat it's particularly bracing.
          On the plus side I finished this sweet vintage solid pine desk, in a custom mixed shade of coral with a refinished top, light distress, and cream interior, AND I just finished listening to the best book ever: Frozen in Time by Mitchell Zuckoff.
          This historic nonfic is about a series of catastrophic plane crashes and failed rescue missions on a god forsaken slice of blistering glacier in Greenland during WWII. Zuckoff weaves the heart wrenching survival tale of the marooned soldiers and their hapless would-be rescuers through the weft of his own personal connection to the gripping events, as a member of the 2012 expedition to recover one of the downed and now ice encapsulated planes, a Grumman Duck, with its three entombed heroes within.
           From the outset it seems fate has a grudge against the stranded airmen, huddled in the remains of the wrecked craft, surviving on ever dwindling rations and indefatigable courage. The recovery crew, 70 years in the future, struggle against a similarly sisyphean obstacle course of redtape, bad weather, and malfunctioning equipment. You're pulling for everyone here, there are no bad guys, except Greenland herself, who is the harshest wintery bitch imaginable. I'm sure the book is tremendous to read, but on audio it's an absolute triumph. I just went to check who the narrator was, and behold- It's Zuckoff himself. Clearly a man of many talents. Go listen to it, or read it, and then let's talk about how this amazing story needs to be made into a movie immediately.

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