Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Business in Front, Party in Back

I saved my favorite for last. I mean, I'm not sure this is my favorite, I keep waffling. It's hard to choose. It's been a great day for furniture.  Probably my favorite.
     I got this piece at the flea market almost a month ago, and had just ignored it. It was a c.1980 record cabinet, with all these silly holes in the backboard, I guess incase you needed to plug in 78 different electronic devices, and store them all, humming like a pack of rabid bees, inside this cherry cabinet. I don't know what Ethan Allen Furniture Design Team were smoking when they decided 'several dozen' was the right number of power-source backboard holes, but too many, Team, way too many.
     I'm trying to have a lot lot lot of furniture ready for the big tag sale this weekend. Are you coming? 14 Edgerton Street East Hampton, CT 8am Saturday May 20th! Be there or be lacking in fantastical furniture.
     Anyways, this will be there, so we know it's going to be a party. I made this staid little cabinet a PARTAY ANIMAAAALLLL. Zippy color, custom mixed and named "hangover haze", and a paler green for the interior named "Moderation is for Squares". Those aren't the real names...or are they! I actually painted the piece entirely in moderation pale green before the deeper blue so that it would peek through with distressing, for a nice beachy salt wash effect. The top of the lift up section had the perfect paneled center for a chalkboard, and the area where records were once stored in the stone age- just the right size for wine bottles!! Also, I have terrible handwriting apparently.


  1. This is very clever! Love the chalkboard. You must have an excellent "good ideas" section in your brain...ha!

  2. Anonymous6/01/2017

    Heck yeah, this puppy rocks!! I'm bummed I missed your tag sale! Maybe next time...
    Kate from Cloth & Clay Co.