Monday, May 22, 2017

A Sewing Table Upcycle

The very very first piece of furniture I ever hauled off a curb with the intent to refinish was a sewing table. It was ugly, and covered with puce paint that was violently chipping, and it weighed 39 tons. The refinish was an absolute disaster, and sometime in the decade since the haul and botch job, I either tossed that hot potato to a friend or burned it, either would have been a kinder fate than that puce monster deserved.

      And so of course I always get a bit sentimental whenever I get to work on another sewing table. This one I had in my own home for several years because the Queen Anne form was just so darling, but I never took advantage of the fantastic fitted interior with all it's cute little drawers and doors. It needed a new home where it could be fully appreciated!

 I like to have as much petite furniture as possible available for the tagsale, so to prep for last Saturday's I painted this cutie in a deeeeeeep blue, with a cheeky pop of pink on the inside. The top is a fabulously figured bit of mahogany, and the case is also solid mahogany- still weirdly heavy even without the sewing machine or workings. It's a nice, dense, compact little storage piece with loads of character and a great story to tell!

        Even more fun, I staged it with my new bottle of coffee vodka from my pals at Waypoint Spirits in Bloomfield, CT. Carolyn, a longtime client,  rolled up to the tagsale with a surprise bottle from their distillery for me, which...Guys and gals, if you wanna get on the official Heir and Space good side- surprise booze is a 10/10 safe bet.

        I've got a top secret TV thing tomorrow that I can't tell you about for three more weeks, but it's a hectic day, and I'm planning to crack that bad boy tomorrow night to unwind and celebrate. I asked Carolyn for her favorite recipe (because always trust the experts!) and here's what I'll be happily sipping by this time tomorrow:

Waypoint White Russian
1.5oz Waypoint Coffee Vodka
1.5oz Light Cream
Pour over ice

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  1. Anonymous6/01/2017

    I've never seen a piece like this one before... love all the hidden drawers and compartments! Lovin'!
    Kate from Cloth & Clay Co.