Saturday, October 7, 2017

Lucky Finds

Dear diary:
        Seriously though, I should start every post like that. I'm not sure if it's laziness, sass, or a need for an outlet, but I write these posts as much for me as you. I suspect most of you scroll hot and fast through the block of text to the pictures below (today it's well worth the scroll!!), but for those of you who stick it out, thanks for reading my diary, you weirdos.

       *ahem*, Dear Diary: today was an awesome day. The tagsale was an unmatched success, despite a heavy London-esque fog that sagged on us all morning. I am absurdly tired. This week I refinished around 25 pieces of furniture. Also, the furniture gods have been kind.
                                                                            Kate (and the martini she earned)

People curb good things. I learned that lesson first back when I worked at the Harriet Beecher Stowe Center. The museum was right around the corner from some very fancy schmancy neighborhoods, and when I worked Sundays in the summer I used to cruise the side streets in my pickup on my lunch breaks. Summer Sundays are peek curb season- things that are left over from tagsales, and people moving or cleaning out. Sometimes it's just a small thing that doesn't work for you, and rather than the aggravation of listing a piece of furniture online, you lug it to the street, release it back to the wild, like a dovetailed dove. I've done this many times. At least four dining tables, antique chairs, upholstered pieces. My dear friend Amy is especially adept at snagging my curbside offerings, which she then styles into effortless boho elegance in her stunning Victorian.
        It's important to offer curbside treasure to appease the furniture gods, who can be both fickle, and generous. This week, perhaps because of my earnest dedication to the cause, and frequent offerings to other believers in the trash to treasure church, I was favored with two gifts. A fan from facebook let me know that she'd spotted a sideboard on the side of the road in Portland (the next town over). Even though I was dog tired, I headed out, just incase. So glad I did. c.1920 jacobean walnut, immaculate condition (surface not withstanding). And then this week my husband spotted a solid pine dresser while he was out jogging. I was unsure, but when I drove out to see it my jaw dropped. Holy smokes so pretty.
      I had my plate full already this week, but sometimes pieces catch my heart and I just have to do them right away. There are a couple (very very patient) clients who are waiting for custom work, which I swear will be done next weekend. But this week I just gave entirely to refinishing "spec" pieces, for the tagsale today, and because sometimes you just need it. And thank (the furniture) gods I did. I haven't felt this excited and in love with my job in a while. I've been up since 5am. I've worked 90 or so hours this week, but I am SO happy. 
     Here's what I found on the curb, and what I did with it :-)



  1. You do lovely work. That sideboard is to die for. Can't believe it was a curb find.

  2. Lucky indeed and they're beautiful.

  3. Wow! Both so pretty! I am one of the wierdo's that reads everything before looking at the pictures. So much good information about the pieces you find.