Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mint green please

As you know by now, I love the color green. The must have shade for spring 2012 is mint. It's on every runway and pouring into all the stores (I would love to get myself a mint green cardigan). And since it's so of the moment- why not integrate some mint green into your home too? I have a tall c. 1910 chest of drawers in my dining room that got the mint treatment this week. It's original dark wood surface had gotten nicked and stained, and rather than sanding it and re-staining, I went ahead and painted it the softest most delicate shade of green. Every time I look at it now I grin. It brightens the whole room and looks so cheeky. Here's some other mint green gems!

Before for the tall dresser- you can see it in the right corner

After! and I got the amazing plaster pineapple at the same house where I got my new overmantel mirror.

I love the play of the two greens together. So pretty!

What a gorgeous kitchen!

Such a great piece. I would definitely not be able to walk by this if I saw it at a flea market!

Beautiful kitchen cabinets. and I love the hardware too.

more minty green cabinets

The retro fridge is played down by the clean spare lines of the rest of the space. It's harmonious and uncluttered. 

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