Monday, August 3, 2015

New Hampshire Antiques Dealers Association Show

Guys and Gals, I'm wicked excited. At the end of this week I get to go up to Manchester New Hampshire for my very Very VERY favorite antiques show of the year, the NHADA show.  Now I love a good antiques show of any kind, there's Connecticut Spring, which is always lovely, and the Deerfield Show in October, and of course the Winter Antiques Show in Manhattan in January, but none of them compare to the magic that is the New Hampshire Antiques Dealers Association annual show. Here's a link with all the show information. Are you going? You should go. Don't make me tell you twice.

So why is this my favorite show? First, the stuff brought to this show by all the dealers is ah-mazing. It's folk art oriented, and folk art is my favorite. There's always loads of signs, painted furniture and objects, fascinating early decorative pieces, portraiture and landscapes, I mean, everything, everything anyone could want. Every year I come back with my inspiration battery fully charged. So many fresh and unique ideas, so many things to add to the WANT list, and usually I've snagged a few treasures for myself. I never come home with something from the Winter Antiques Show, those prices are a little above my budget, but NHADA has a really well rounded selection of objects in everyone's budget.

More reasons why the New Hampshire Show rocks my socks- it's at the Radisson hotel in downtown Manchester New Hampshire, so you can stay overnight, roll out of bed, and basically fall into an antiques show. Nothing could be easier!! Also there's about a zillion great restaurants and bars in Manchester, so there's plenty to do after the show closes in the evening as well.

But finally there's something a little trickier to quantify about the NHADA show that makes it special. There's an incredible energy about that show. All the dealers, who are as a whole some of the nicest silliest people on the planet, are even more fun and silly there. If you've never been to antiques show, this is the one you should go to first. I'll be there Friday and Saturday, so if you spot me, say Hi!

Here's some show information and then without further ado, lots of pretty pictures from previous year's shows to whet your appetite.

The show runs: Thursday August 6th 10am-7pm (Admission - $15)
                          Friday August 7th 10am-7pm (Admission - $10)
                          Saturday August 8th 10am - 4pm (Admission - $10)

   *but if you're under 30 years old admission is FREE with ID!!*

The Show is located at the Radisson Hotel in Manchester, NH
                                 700 Elm Street
                                 For Hotel reservations call (603)-625-1000

Here's a picture from Jeff and Holly Noordsy's booth, I'm pretty sure this was their 2014 booth. Look at all the loveliness. They deal primarily in glass but have the most fantastically playful sense of folk art and always bring treasures that rock my world. And the glass. Don't get me started on the glass. It's the best glass, like ever. I have a bottle from them that I admire daily. I'm hoping to add to my collection at this years show. 

Jewett and Berdan had this terrific antique paints sign last year. I had to keep leaving the booth I was working in to admire it. I think I walked by it something like thirty times. 

And here's a picture of John Chaski's booth. I've bought multiple things from John over the years. He's got a great eye and always has objects at all levels of pricing. First, can we talk about that apple green painted blanket chest on the back wall?! And then above it, a pair of portraits by one of my very favorite folk artists, Micah Williams. 

Another great shot from the Jewett and Berdan booth. I want everything in this picture. Every. single. thing. I would probably fight wolves for these amazing antiques.  Well, maybe one wolf. Or I would train the wolf, and then together we would zip line in, mission impossible style, and take all these antiques. Watch out Tom and Butch. 

More Jewett and Berdan goodness. 

And another shot of John Chaski's booth from last year. See the sign in the right corner? The pointing hand? I love that sign. 

And here's some pictures I took on the floor during the 2013 show.

Fabulous antique sign

And another great sign


The paint surface on this antique blanket chest

Great piece of early glassware

And a whole row of chestnut bottles!

I bought this pig cutting board. I needed it. 

Fantastic minimalist rooster weathervane

I know a guy who would love this painting.

And a wonderful large pocket watch trade sign. I bought this at the show as well! 


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