Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Holiday Art and Furniture Sale

Hey guys and gals! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!! I haven't done a stitch of Christmas shopping yet *steadying gulp of coffee*
Have you? If you haven't, or you're halfway done, or you're one of those psycho weirdos who finishes their holiday shopping in September (I bet you also color code your sock drawer don't you, you type-A freak), no matter your shopping status, why not swing by this Saturday Dec. 2nd 9am-3pm and check out what I've got to offer! I've been painting furniture and art like a fiend and thusly there will be veritable mountains of cute stuff from which to shop! Address is 14 Edgerton Street in East Hampton, CT, park on the street, and all the fun will be in our music studio, which is the third building back on the property. Just follow the signs, you'll find it.
Here's just a teensy sampling of what I've painted in the last three days. Hope to see you there!!

Wonderful Walnut

Over the summer I refinished an absolutely killer antique oakdining table custom for a client. It was easily one of my favorite flea market scores of all time. When I came across this antique walnut drop leaf table, it immediately reminded me of the one from this summer. Clearly I wasn't the only one to spot the resemblance, as a client quickly commissioned me to refinish it, our inspiration piece? That table from this summer!
       The base is painted in Benjamin Moore's Chatsworth cream, a nice quiet color to really let the architecture of the magnificently over-designed base do the talking. The solid walnut top is immaculate, stained, and sealed glossy smooth. It was a pleasantly straightforward project, my favorite kind!

Monday, November 20, 2017

When One Must Paint the Top

As we all know at this point, I really prefer to keep my furniture tops wood. I love the contrast of wood grain to paint, and it's fun to mix it up staining and sealing to all paint brush work. The thing is, you can ALWAYS paint. Paint forgives all sins. The wood tops are the hard part, they're the challenge level. Sadly, sometimes a piece won't allow for a wood element. This coffee table, for example, had a flaw that just couldn't be sanded out of the top. After trying and failing to sand it, I cursed a bit, stomped around a bit, and then re-grouped.
      The form of this little oval table is really wonderful, and it's structurally flawless, by no means a lost cause, so I went ahead and painted it entirely. I can't abide by simplicity, and especially on this table, just one color would have been hollow. It was begging for a bit more. I went to my favorite paint inspo fail-safe: 19th century botanical prints, in this case ferns.
        I opted for rendering the entire plant just in white, to keep the lines fairly clean against the custom mixed mint green base shade. I sketched the entire thing in pencil over the base color and then used a teensy detail brush and white latex furniture paint (from another project) to create the leaves. It took about two hours total to draw and paint, then I sanded the entire coffee table with 220 grit, and sealed it with wax. A surface like this is just as durable as a poly'd wood surface as I sanded it down to the bare wood before painting. That allows the paint to really bond with the wood, and the wax then bonds with the sanded flat paint to give it a gentle luster and make it wholly waterproof.

Lately on the easel

Just a quickie post to keep you updated on what I've been working on as of late-
I have a holiday furniture and art show coming up a week from Saturday on the Dec.2nd here at 14 Edgerton Street. That means I'm once again in full throttle mode on both the furniture and art sides. On top of that I have a happy little mountain of custom artwork for the holidays, and also the largest scary mountain of custom furniture work I've every tackled. I am, for the first time, wait-listing both art and furniture. Things are hopping around here, and I'm very very grateful!
    So here's a motley mix of about 2/3 of what I've painted (that's not furniture) in the last few weeks, both custom and spec in the run up to the Dec. 2nd sale!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

I Vote for Color

I try quite hard not to beat anyone over the head with the whole painted furniture thing, both literally and figuratively. Some people just love a house jammed with dark wood. I get that. Some people love pineapple on their pizza, it's weird, and probably not the best decision, but nor is it *my* decision. That's the beautiful thing about design, there is no right or wrong answer, just the answer that makes you, the homeowner (or apartment renter, or subletter, or guy living in a van down by the river) the happiest. Personally, classic forms in bold colors make me the happiest. It's truly such an excellent compromise- the quality of form and construction of a classic vintage piece, but the updated playful whimsy that suits a modern home. And every home needs some color. I'm counting down the days until the all white and gray joanna gaines fad finally kicks the bucket.
       In celebration of all things fun and colorful, here is an absolutely exceptional 100% solid cherry c.1965 buffet by Harden Furniture Company. I've painted it in a custom color, the exact shade of a bright and crisp November sky. The interior is a custom antique white, and I swapped the clunky lame Chippendale bat-wing pulls for sleek burnished copper cup pulls. I refinished the top, happy to rid the piece of that awful sticky red varnish, and stained it deeper, and far more towards brown.
I think this one's a winner for sure, and probably one of you should take it home!