Tuesday, November 15, 2011

On dining tables

I always know my husband likes my furniture work because he frequently tries to hijack pieces for our own home, rather than letting me post them on craigslist to sell. While I appreciate this flattery, the whole point of the work is too make a little money. And yes, I'm just as guilty as he is about keeping things that should be sold, but when it comes to our dining room table, I have to draw the line. 

There was a shameful time in my life when I purchased A LOT of Bob's Discount furniture- it was junky, but cheap, and I hadn't yet realized the magic of refurbishing vintage pieces. One of the items I spent the most on was a dark composite wood dining table with chairs. We lugged the table around for several years before I realized that I really really wanted a solid wood farm style dining table. Something with bold lines, and if possible, a huge antique refectory table. Well those tables are about $1000 to start, so I had to make my own. After several months of careful searching, I found a solid maple vintage table that had great lines for $45, but was stained a yucky red. I sanded and sanded and sanded and finally got down to the raw wood, and then stained the table a dark rich color. I love our dining room table, it's one of my favorite pieces. That's why I won't switch it out for the round oak pedestal table my husband is fixated on. Here is my dining room table, the round oak one in the raw, and a bunch of others that I love as well.

the flash makes the table look redder than it actually is. Don't you love those thick legs, and the apron is very subtly arched on all four sides

Here's my table without the flash, and the dark chocolate brown is  much closer to the actual color.

Sooo- I know it's cute and has great lines and a lot of potential- but can we all agree that my current table is better?

I love everything about this table- the scrolled base is so elegant, but the top is all business. 

This actually looks a lot like my dining table. It's got great lines and a wonderful patina. So pretty!

The chairs really make this set. They're so unique and delicate. 

I love the heft and rawness of this table. Really, it's stunning. I would build an entire house around this table.

Delicate without being fussy, the light oak table top compliments the soft white of the legs and chairs well. 

The reclaimed barn wood top is all elegance with those modern lucite chairs- I would sincerely love to see the rest of this house.

So refined and restrained. The turnings on the legs of the chairs and the scale of the table are so grand- and look at the backdrop. These people need to invite me over for dinner!

Wilder than I would normally go- but with the uber modern setting, the table can be the showpiece and not seem over the top.

The traditional colonial setting gets a kick in the pants with this industrial style slab table. The metal chairs and exposed bulb lights add to a nonchalant yet classic look.

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